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The Monograph Series

There are so many themes in my writing that I wanted to pull them out and write about them specifically.  So I created The Monograph Series.  The monograph format facilitates a more detailed exploration of each theme, allowing me to focus in on each one, and I confess I have enjoyed the process of this.  It has crystallised my Work, my voice and my message.

I would like to acknowledge and thank all those people whose wonderful Work/work has become such a vital part of my own, only some of whom I reference in these monographs.  Two of the three authors of ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail‘, in pursuing Dan Brown so relentlessly through legal channels, failed to grasp a vital and fundamental Truth, thereby forever besmirching, in my eyes, the work they did in that book and others, and losing my trust accordingly.  We are all in this together, and so everyone’s work beautifully and vitally feeds into everyone else’s.  Dan Brown paid those two authors the highest compliment of recognising their work and weaving it into his own, but they threw that compliment back in his face.

The people I reference in these monographs are only a handful of people to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude.  Their wonderful work has forever become a part of my Process.  That is the highest compliment I can pay them.

Although I have written each monograph to be read in isolation, as a stand alone article, they are a series, each a part of the whole, like beads in a necklace.  And it is the themes that form the chain that connects them.  As such, please note that writing them to be read alone has necessitated the repetition of some themes in the different monographs, sometimes verbatim.

Click on Index and monograph titles to access.  Index and monographs are in PDF format.

Series One:


Reality as an Illusion

We’re told reality is an ‘illusion’, but do you really understand what this means? How is reality an illusion, and in the context of everyday life, does it really matter?

The Perpetual Separation of Consciousness

There is a very great wound in human consciousness, and it is being used against us. Those who believe themselves in control of the human experience are exploiting this wound, perpetuating it, ensuring it remains intact in the human psyche so that we stay small, limited, contained, controlled, and, tragically, ignorant, especially of ourselves.

Manipulating Consciousness into Ego

The Separation of consciousness is not something that just happened. On the contrary, an unimaginable agenda of utter and abject Darkness has been systematically and deliberately manipulating human consciousness, shaping and configuring human reality in the process. They have been doing this down through the ages of human existence, yes, but never more so than now, in the modern era. Their agenda is obvious and simple: complete control. We are slaves, unable to free ourselves because we don’t even know we are slaves. Such is the malevolent intelligence behind this agenda.

The Language of Symbolism

The conscious awareness is working against the subconscious in many ways but particularly in the language it speaks, which sets it in direct opposition to the subconscious. The two different languages – that of the conscious awareness and that of the subconscious – are fracturing human consciousness, with dire consequences for our psychology, our reality, and even our souls. So what is the language of the subconscious? And how do we speak it consciously so that we can begin to heal the fracture within us?

The Transformation of Consciousness

A process has begun for humanity that is powerfully shifting human consciousness, and, as a consequence, many of us are awakening to and acknowledging truths that have long been hidden from us, both internally and externally. This process of transformation will, ultimately, raise human consciousness out of the quagmire of fear and ignorance, but there is a lot of water to flow under the bridge first. And transformation is not easy. On the contrary, it can be arduous and painful.

Breaking the Hold of the Ego

So powerful is the hold of the ego, now, that it has become an essential foundation for the edifice of modern human existence. This has formed, and still does form, a primary aim of the agenda of Darkness because this egoic hold facilitates Separation and entrapment in the illusional reality. If we are, collectively and individually, to evolve beyond an existence in illusion, the ego must be disempowered. Within each one of us.

Cosmic Warfare (1) – The Ancient Wisdom

Existing so much in physicality, as humanity does, we’ve been tricked into believing the physical is all there really is . . . despite our belief in an all-powerful external God. The physical is all we see, and we see only with our physical sense of sight. But physicality is just a curtain of illusion, pulled over our eyes deliberately to ensure it is all we do see. If we pushed that curtain aside, we would see a profound and deeply-shocking truth, because there is far more going on ‘behind the scenes’ than we could ever imagine…

Cosmic Warfare (2) – Campaigns of Eradication

Behind the curtain of illusion that is physicality – a curtain deliberately pulled over our existence so that we cannot and do not see what is behind it – there is a profound Truth awaiting rediscovery. Human existence has been moulded and shaped by forces, by a battle, we are currently unable to comprehend, although that is beginning to change. An agenda of Darkness has robbed us of our rightful heritage – a beautiful Ancient Wisdom – and the consequences for us have been dire indeed.

Cosmic Warfare (3) – Institutionalisation and the Jesus Iconification

Institutionalisation is a powerfully-effective mechanism for controlling thought and belief, and trapping consciousness. As such, it is an essential component of the agenda of Darkness and has been employed as a primary tool of manipulation and control, very successfully, especially as a measure to counter the Ancient Wisdom. Furthermore, in the form of religious institutionalisation, it provides the Darkness with a valuable means of divisiveness and has been used masterfully to set us against ourselves.

Cosmic Warfare (4) – The Propaganda Experiment

World War II was very relevant to those who fought in it, regardless of how they fought. As a child, I grew up listening to the stories of the war from my grandparents’ generation. They never forgot and nor did they completely get over it. But just because it was experienced by that generation, please don’t think that war is in our past, not forgotten, never forgotten, but over and done with all the same. Unfortunately and tragically, that god-awful war is every bit as relevant to us today as it was for those who lived through it, perhaps even more so.

Series Two:

Please note: the second series is written and constructed on the premise that the first series has been read in entirety.


Reality – Truth and Misconception

In the first series I said consciousness is best described, and conceptualised, with two words: Process and Thought.  In this second series I want to explore the first of these two aspects of consciousness, Process, expanding on the conceptualisation of it and how it Works.  Before delving into Process, however, it is essential to take a deeper look at reality, and, specifically, at the corrupted mindsets we hold of it because these are greatly interfering with Process, which, in turn, inherently implies, given our definition, that these are also interfering with consciousness.  And so they are, to our very great detriment.

The Observer and the Subatomic Realm

All the assertions I’ve made about reality in previous monographs sound good, but they could be just that, assertions, unless you’ve started Working with them for yourself and so you know from personal experience that they are, in truth, far more than just mere postulations.  Delving into the mechanics of consciousness and reality – the quantum mechanics of it, to be precise – is an interesting exercise in and of itself, because quantum physicists are discovering the same truths . . . from a different direction.

The Anatomy of Consciousness

Thought, consciousness and reality form a chain of connectivity with energy that is so profound each of these can almost be used interchangeably.  In terms of the mechanics of how we Create, of what we Create, and even of why we Create, we need to know and understand more about energy and the way we interact with it.  But there is also a link missing in this chain, one we need to know more about if we are to obviate our ignorance and understand who and what we are as Creators.

Process: The Source Code of the Universe

So vital is Process that when it is interfered with, or, worse, snagged, consciousness itself becomes damaged.  But unlike physical processes, which are easy to see and understand, metaphysical Processes are a lot harder to identify, and for those of us caught in the illusion of Separated physicality, they are impossible to detect.  Knowing and understanding the principles that govern metaphysical Processes aids our ability to see them, and see them we must, because we need to start Working with them consciously.  The collective human Process is stagnating, and it is damaging us.  We need to get it moving again.  We need to get ourselves moving again.

The Face of Tyranny

We are unable to see beyond the curtain of illusion, so we think the tyranny we fought in WWII was defeated.  We think we prevailed.  But surely you understand by now the fallacy of such thinking.  The tyranny behind the two big wars of last century is as strong as ever it was, and it is preparing to strike at us again in the same way.  Are we just to stand by, watch, and let this happen again?  Or will we, this time, fight back and show this tyranny it has no power over us?

If we are to fight, we need to know and understand what that fight is and where to fight it, because if we fight this tyranny on its terms, we will lose.  We must fight it on our terms, because if we do, it will lose.  And it will lose us.

Processes of Mastery

Processes of mastery – mastering the illusional reality – are the most powerful of all the metaphysical Processes, and, in this modern era, they are incredibly difficult, and inordinately painful, because there is no infrastructure, like the temples of the ancient world, to support anyone within whom these Processes are Working.  Nor is there any real acknowledged precedent, so individuals are on their own, without the means of understanding what is transpiring within them.  Yet, these Processes are, and will be, increasing in prevalence.  We need to know about them.

Keepers of Divine Knowledge

For many of us, as truth seekers, and compulsive ones at that, we know the monuments of the ancient world, and especially those of Ancient Egypt, are far more than just relics from a bygone age.  We know they encode Knowledge that is lost to us, and they communicate that Knowledge to us, as if the ancients knew we would lose it.  So what is this ancient Knowledge, and how is it the ancients knew what is now lost to us when we are the ones who are seemingly so much more advanced and evolved than they were?  And, why should we care?  How can this Knowledge have any relevance for us today?

The Second Coming

The mythologies of Christianity and Judaism hold an echo of the Knowledge of the ancients because these religions have their roots in Ancient Egypt.  But that echo is much altered, as is our interpretation of the mythologies, courtesy of the distorting filters of indoctrination and institutionalisation.  To reconnect with the Knowledge in its original and purest form we need to go back to the source – the mythologies of Ancient Egypt.  When we know how to decode them, those mythologies have much to tell us.

The Resurrection of Consciousness

How can we stop repeating the mistakes of the past if we don’t know what those mistakes were – mistakes that have had profound ramifications for us as a collective consciousness?  We don’t even understand the physicality of those mistakes, let alone the metaphysical consequences.  Knowledge is our protection, which is exactly how and why, in the state of chronic ignorance, we are exposed and vulnerable.  So we’re hurtling head-long into our own destruction, not for the first time.  Are we doomed, or are we, this time, destined for greater things?

An Addendum- The Rudiments of Set’s Rule

Because the forces of Darkness that harness the principle of Set operate so overtly on the physical plane, with obvious physical expression and manifestation, like institutionalised religion and the mechanisms of manipulation, it’s easy to forget that Set is a metaphysical principle of descent and destruction.  As such, whilst manifest on the physical plane, Set’s rule is actually and ultimately implemented energetically, on the metaphysical plane.  This can be hard to conceptualise and understand, so it’s worth looking at some specific examples.

Unconscious Creation

The Bible does speak Truth when it says we are made in the image of God . . . that’s God as the Universal, Divine Mind, not the judgemental Demiurge of institutionalised religion.  We are Creators.  This is our Truest Nature, so Creating is not something we need to learn how to do.  We do it with our eyes closed . . . unfortunately.  What we do need to learn to do is master Creation consciously because whilst ever we don’t, we are not masters of our domain.  And whilst ever this is so we will remain puppets whose strings are being pulled by malevolent forces.  Worse, though, is the fact that we will never and can never know what we’re truly capable of.

Series Three (in progress):

Index (currently unavailable)

Conscious Creation (1) – Attachment to Reality

In this third series I want to explore the other of the two aspects of consciousness, Thought, with a focus on changing, transforming and transcending thought, and freeing all thoughts from our addiction to the illusional reality.  Once freed of Separated physicality and all its binding, restricting rules, norms, and dictates, there’s no limit on what we can Create, and, therefore, on what we can achieve.  First, however, we have to go through the rather arduous task of freeing ourselves.

Thought (1)– The Secrets of the Cosmos

Thought, the other of the two words we can use to define consciousness.  Typically, we are only aware of our shallower thoughts, but, also typically, we still believe we know about thought.  Thought is so multifaceted and complex and deep that even the most intelligent philosophical thinkers have barely begun to scratch the surface.  And, locked into shallow uni-dimensional paradigms of trapped thought as we are, we have  no notion of just how powerful thought actually is . . . or could be.  It was, after all, a thought that Created the universe.  We have a rather banal term for the moment the thought became manifest.  We call it the ‘Big ‘Bang’.

Thought (2)– A Leap of Faith

A dire consequence of the Perpetual Separation of consciousness is its crippling effect on our ability to expand and evolve thought in all its myriad forms and manifestations.  So we have no idea of what we’re truly capable of.  To even begin to experience our true capabilities, and abilities, we have to, first of all, remove the limits on thought.  The subconscious and the imagination are supremely powerful tools that we are, in our current state, severely underutilising.  So perhaps the most debilitating limit we’re placing on thought is our lack of recognition of the vital role of these two, and our acknowledgement of how effectively they Work with thought.

Thought (3)– Sense of Self

Taking our cue from a reality dictated by malevolent forces and agendas will always result in the most limiting thoughts of them all – those we hold about ourselves personally.  The wounds of inadequacy and insecurity we all carry deep within make us very vulnerable to the hold of the illusional reality because we use it to cover and mask those same wounds.  This is the dynamic the biblical Garden of Eden story alludes to when it tells us Adam and Eve covered their nakedness and hid themselves from God.  So who are we really underneath all the clothes we wear?  And, do we possess the courage to shed them and, once again, stand naked before God and each other?