It took me a long time to realise that transcendent information comes to me when I write, a little like shamanism, or shamanistic ability whereby I am in touch with energies and entities beyond the realm of the physical. Writing is also a way for me to give expression to my visions, and to facilitate and perpetuate them in the process. And never more so than with the stories in this collection. As such, these stories are for me, pure and simple. They contain transcendent messages and information for me, and they contain some of the Work I've been doing to delve into my own personal history – all of it, not just this life I'm living now. As such, these stories will make no sense at all to separated, lower-dimensional humans. And, I have to confess, I love that about this book. This book is not for the separated third dimension at all, and that is why I am only publishing it on my website.


"Now, as a second step toward grasping all the nuances and ramifications of what occurred for you personally and why, let us dwell, for a moment, on the very great curse laid upon humanity so long ago – a curse, we might add, that does still exert a very powerful and controlling influence over humanity for two reasons.  First, it is still being perpetrated on humanity courtesy of ongoing black magic rituals, and, second, there is and has never been anything to counter it.

What was the mechanism or the essence, the core, if you like, of the black magic ritual that laid the very great curse originally – the original sin, you might call it?"


"Yes, we might call it that.  Ironic, isn't it?  The curse was not laid upon humans because they sought knowledge.  The curse severed them from the knowledge of themselves, but they have been tricked into thinking and believing the seeking of knowledge was their downfall.  It's frighteningly clever but darkly twisted. 

"In that sense, the curse was not a punishment for finding and eating the apple of knowledge.  It was about having that apple taken from them when it was their rightful heritage, their true legacy."

(Page 192)


"Let us, again, Work with the giraffe and zebra analogy.  Whilst ever the giraffe runs with the herd of zebras it will neither see itself nor will it experience itself and, therefore, it will not and cannot know itself as a giraffe.  The reason for this is simple.  Whilst ever it continues to run with the herd of zebras, it will and must continue to be bound by their perceptions, their mindsets, their fears, their behaviours, their needs, their choices, and, of course, therefore, their focus to fit in.  Would you agree?" 


"Yes, absolutely." 


"The giraffe may not know what it looks like when it runs on the plains by itself, but it will begin to experience itself.  Separation from the herd of zebras, and not just physically but mentally and psychologically, too, as you well know, must occur for the giraffe to begin to experience itself.  And with experience, comes burgeoning knowledge, even though it still does not see itself." 


"Right.  Transformed perspective and perception, transformed mindset, transformed belief, transformed focus, transformed behaviour.  Transformed being.  The giraffe will lose his zebra-ness, slowly but surely, and he will begin to become the giraffe he is, in his own mind."

(Page 197)



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