The Third-dimensional Beast



Long and hard have I battled it.

With strength and courage,

And all the determination I could muster

Have I fought it.

Not always have I had the luxury

Of understanding

The creature itself

Nor my battle against it.

Many a time, I knew not

What it was I was battling.

In those times, 'twas only pain I knew,

For the creature was never going to die

Without the mightiest of fights.

It wants to live, you see.

It wants to keep living within me.

But I knew I could not give up,

For I knew I could not allow the creature

To remain alive within me.

And so have I weakened it -

Robbed it of its power over me.

And now it has not the strength

To stop me prising its tentacles

From the hidden reaches of my psyche.

'Tis painful indeed as each tentacle is extricated.

But the more tentacles removed,

The more the creature loses its fodder,

The more it moves closer to its demise.

And the more tentacles removed,

The clearer becomes my vision.

At last I am able to see the Truth.

And with my vision thus cleared,

I look again upon my dreams,

My hopes,

My aims and ambitions

And I see them vastly changed.

I see they sweep me on

In a direction,

Towards a goal

Not before perceived.

Now, for the first time,

I kiss my higher dimensionality -

The lightest of touches.

But oh the joy!

At last I am come home.



© Jennifer Wherrett 2013 All rights reserved.



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