The Silver Wolf



Lliandra is in grave danger of suffering a similar fate to that of her beautiful mother.  Her selfish, indulgent brother has been conducting a virtual bidding war over her to fund his own addictions, and the highest bidder, the Duke of Sandhurst - a monster with no heartbeat - has come to claim her.  He wants what he sees within her, and he knows her mother's blood runs in her veins, a pleasure he has long wanted to repeat.  She belongs to him now.  She is doomed.  She could run, but to where?  And to whom?  He would pursue her to the ends of their world now that he had seen her.  But in the darkness of night, with only the light of the crescent moon to punctuate the darkness, looking out at the silver-tinged landscape, she senses the wolf.  She knows he is coming, and she knows, somehow, he intends to set her free . . . .



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