The Fallen



The Fallen is a collection of three stories: 

Oracle of Light:

Standing in the ruins of an ancient temple, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the vast sands of the Egyptian desert, she thought she must be mad.  She had travelled half way around the world purely on instinct.  So why was she here?  Why had she come?  It was as if the temple had called to her, and she had answered its call . . . 


This story is dedicated to the Faery community – my Faery community – who followed me into the human realm to restore creation, to reclaim the human experience for the Light.  This is our story, the reason we came.   

The Fallen:

Humans say the Fallen are evil, responsible for all the woes of humankind.  If only they knew the truth.  Humans are responsible for all the woes of humanity because they chose to exist in the abyss of darkness and separation.  That is what they did with the gift of Free Will.  If only humans knew the sacrifice the Fallen had truly made, and all because they had not the heart to let humans fall into the abyss alone, with no way out . . .



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