Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Essence



Yes, the girl in the mirror is ordinary.

She was born that way,

Into a life and a persona

That singled her out not at all;

That marked her as different and special not at all;

Because any talents she did possess

Were suppressed and masked by insecurity

And by a belief in her inadequacy and unacceptability.

Yes, you have been her all your life.

Yes, you believe yourself to be ordinary,

For to be so has served a valuable purpose.

And yes, you are now beginning to see

More than a glimpse of the deeper Truth.

You are beginning to know

That, in actual fact, you are extraordinary

In the knowledge you hold within;

In the depth of your existence,

And, as such, in your ability to see

Straight through the shallow distractions and stimulations

Of this world,

For they fool you not.

You are beginning to know

The extraordinariness of the ancient and arcane wisdom that is you,

For knowledge is transforming

But wisdom is transformed.

So how do you reconcile the ordinary girl in the mirror

With the extraordinary essence of your soul?

The answer is you do not,

For they cannot be reconciled.

You must choose which one you will be

And you must let the other go.

Only one can be, such that the other must cease to be.

Either you are extraordinary,

Or you are ordinary.

If you choose to be ordinary,

Then you will continue to hide from your Self.

So which one are you?

Ah, I see you’ve made your choice.

Then the ordinary girl in the mirror

Is no more . . . .



© Jennifer Wherrett 2010 All rights reserved.


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