One Master, One Tune



How is a man to serve more than one master

At the same time?

How does an individual dance to more than one tune

At the same time?

It seems impossible, does it not?

And yet so does humanity exist.

For, you see, humans have many masters,

And the tunes they dance to

Are so loud, discordant and jarring

They drown out and swamp the sweetest tune of all,

The only tune that matters,

The tune of one's own Destiny.

Ah but I hear you say you serve no master at all.

So do you not know then

That humans are Slaves to their addictions;

That humans are completely at the mercy of their fears;

That humans are dictated to and controlled by their wants and needs;

That human perspective is trapped in the quagmire of physicality

So that your choices and actions,

Your thoughts and beliefs

Are set and determined only by your response to your physical circumstances.

Belief is supposed to dictate the physical,

But in your realities

The physical dictates belief.

Thus do you exist outside-in instead of inside-out.

I know because so, too, have I been.

But I serve only one Master now

Because I have worked hard to set my Self free;

So I am Slave no longer

Nor am I so imprisoned and trapped.

And I am involved in the affairs of men no longer,

For I see only the vortex of their fear in their circumstances.

And no man is, or may be, my master,

For I serve what is within,

And what is within is the only Master I serve.

And I dance now only to one tune.

I hear no other tunes,

For those others have been silenced,  

And the shadows with which I have danced

Have spun off into the darkness

Never to be seen again.



© Jennifer Wherrett 2013 All rights reserved.


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