My Dreams



My fears and shadows

Have usurped my dreams -

Come like a thief in the night

And swapped them

One for another.

And so, you see,

While ever my dreams

Hold the shadow of fear,

They cannot be trusted.

While ever my dreams

Hold the shadow of fear,

They are misaligned with,

Even in direct opposition to,

The dreams of my heart.

While ever my dreams

Hold the shadow of fear,

The dreams of my heart

Are as dust,

And what remains

In that place where the heart should be

Is emptiness and nothingness;

Meaninglessness and purposelessness;

And all around me

Is the dry, arid existence

Of a reality utterly devoid of the heart's dreams.

'Tis why disillusionment is so rife,

For 'tis only the dreams of the heart

That can truly bring fulfilment and joy,

And a deep, abiding sense of satisfaction.

All other dreams are illusions

That promise the sweetness of heaven

But deliver it not.




© Jennifer Wherrett 2013 All rights reserved.



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