Death is Transcendence



As little children we are told,

"When we die we go to heaven."

Have you ever noticed how easily, how readily,

A child accepts this simple statement?

This is because the innocent, childlike mind

Remembers and, therefore, knows it to be perfectly true.

'Tis a pity that as we grow older

This simple truth becomes naught but a cliché,

And our fear of death takes a strangle-hold

And grows in equal proportion to our ingorance of it.

It is possible, though,

To go to heaven before we die;

And, ironically, if we do,

Well, in truth,

We do not die.

You see, death is transcendence -

The ultimate, ecstatic re-mergence

With one's own higher consciousness,

Ones' truest Self,

One's truest nature;

No longer bound and chained, pinned and trapped,

To and by the heavy, dense quagmire

Of the third-dimensional physical realm.

'Tis rather like having the nails fall from one's feet and hands

Such that one slithers, released, from the cross

To land perfectly on one's feet.

For, you see, entrapment is the true death,

And physical death the true release.

So there is no need to fear it.




© Jennifer Wherrett 2013 All rights reserved.


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