Acient Scrolls



Do not mourn the loss

Of the ancient scrolls, parchments, records and archives

Of and from the past – 

Written records that were lost to humankind 

A long time ago,

Taken by those who would keep from you

The truth of your history and origin.

The great Library of Alexandria was, of course,

One of the great repositories of these ancient scrolls,

But there were others, many others.

You should know,

Many of these ancient scrolls and parchments 

Were stolen,

Not destroyed.

They exist still.

So where are they now?

Well, maybe it matters not,

Because you do not need them.

For do you not realise

You hold the knowledge within you?

The knowledge of where you have come from,

And of the path you have traversed,

Both collectively and individually

Is an innate part of your soul.

You know.

All you have to do is remember that you know, 

And then remember what you know.

The key,

The trick actually,

Is to keep your mind open,

Open and flexible.

For it goes without saying, does it not,

That you are not what you think you are?

And your history and origin is not at all,

Nothing at all like,

The one you have been led to believe in.




© Jennifer Wherrett 2015 All rights reserved.



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