Want and Lack



Want and lack go hand in hand.

Indeed, want is a belief in lack.

We look at the landscape of our reality,

And we believe it lacks,

So we want,

And we try to get what we want.

Or, rather, we try to place in our reality

That which we believe our reality lacks.

What do you see when you look around you?

Do you see what you do have,

Or do you see only what you do not have?

If you see what you do have,

Then you see with clearer eyes than most.

If you see what you do not have,

Then upon what are you basing your expectations

Of what your reality should look like?

Humans mistakenly believe

That happiness is outside of them,

And comes only from filling their lives

With those things they think they want –

Possessions, assets and relationships.

But herein lies the tragedy of this belief about happiness:

If you believe happiness comes

From attaining this,

Or achieving that,

From becoming this,

Or accomplishing that,

Then you will never enter a state of true happiness,

Because, as I've said before,

'Tis the nature of want

That in the same instant you get,

You want again, and then again, and again.

You see, you believe you lack,

So lack is your reality,

And all the wealth in the world

Will not and cannot alter that belief.

Only you can do that.

Why do you believe you lack?

Do you not feel you are acceptable as you are?

Or worthy?

Or valuable?

In any given moment,

You are what you are,

And you are what you are meant to be.

Know this,

And become anchored in your Self.

Then, you will no longer be at the mercy

Of the manipulations

Of a culture that tells you what you should have

And who you should be.

You will be you in all your glory,

And you will discover something magical.

You actually have everything you need to be happy,

Right here, right now,

In this very moment.




© Jennifer Wherrett 2014 All rights reserved.


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