The Messiah Perspective



The archetypal Messiah is far more than one who is 'anointed' - the official definition of a Messiah.  Our religious traditions speak of the Messiah as a saviour, and this is as we have come to know and accept the idea, the concept. The archetypal Messiah does not contradict our idea of the saviour.  Indeed, the Messiah is one who leads others to freedom.


Freedom from what, though? In what sense will the Messiah save us?  In this, our modern era, do we need saving?  For are we not already free?


And what of the Messiah?  Has he really come and gone?  Is the Messiah a single person?  Is it a collection of people?  Or is it an energy - a movement - a stirring - a wave of pure change that all of us have the power to tap in to within ourselves?  Perhaps it is all of these.


Bondage and freedom can, and do, take many forms. Often, both are merely a mindset or even an attitude. Unfortunately, for we who are, now, a part of this, the human experience, bondage is simply our way of life even though many of us believe ourselves to be living in freedom.  But it is the human soul that is enslaved - bound and trapped in chains of ignorance and apathy, caught in the shackles of a script of existence deliberately designed to ensure we remain thus.


It is time to change that.


It is time to end those two tragic, powerful, and potently painful truths of our existence: Perpetual Separation (that which our religions refer to as 'evil') and chronic ignorance.


It is time to set free the soul.


The Messiah Perspective is a collection of discourses and dialogues, all of which contain the Wisdom and Knowledge I have unearthed and rediscovered within during the course of my own journey.  These dialogues, then, contain the truth of the human experience, human nature, human psychology, human reality, and human spirituality as I see it.

This is, too, the path that I have walked to my own Messiah Perspective, each story/dialogue like a stepping stone upon which I have stood as I traversed that inner path laid out for me.

This is, then, the path I have trod as I cut a swathe through the layers and layers of third-dimensional perspectives, beliefs, learned behaviours, attitudes, prejudices, and mindsets to uncover my truth and set free my own Soul.


Please note:  While The Messiah Perspective can be read in isolation and on its own, some of the dialogues and stories contained within it connect directly to my other books, namely Pieces of Me and Lady of the Lake.  In fact, my books do have a specific chronology, beginning with Pieces of Me, followed by Lady of the Lake and, as such, The Messiah Perspective naturally follows these two.


(Note: An excerpt of The Messiah Perspective (Introduction and First Dialogue) is published in PDF below so you will need Adobe® Reader to read it. Click on cover image to open.)


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