The Lady



She holds out her arms, the Lady,

As if on a cross,

And throws back her head,

Eyes closed, palms up

Because this represents the freedom

That allows the Light in through the heart

And out through every cell in Her body.

And She begins to spin in ecstatic release,

Slowly rotating, ever so slowly,

So that Her Light spins from within Her,

Like a galaxy just beginning to form.

Because She spins so slowly

Those of the darkness and those of the Light

Who are sensitive enough

To feel the tug and pull She exerts on reality

Will begin to suspect She is here,

And they will start to search for Her,

Those of the darkness to destroy,

Those of the Light to join,

To merge,

To unite . . .

Thus by their actions

Will you know which is which.



  © Jennifer Wherrett 2010 All rights reserved.


  Isis and Osiris















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