The Guardians



The Guardians walk among us.

They always have,

Although we cannot recognise them

Because they take the form

Of ordinary humans,

And so, ordinary humans are all we may see

When we look upon them.

But oh! how powerful is their Light!

How potent!

How pure is their radiance!

When they come here –

When they walk among us –

In their true form revealed,

So powerful are they

That they tend to change

The course and direction

Of human destiny –

A change that is not always celebrated,

Nor welcomed.

Oh woe to the hounds of darkness

Who bemoan the very existence of the Guardians,

For the Guardians

Are such a thorn in their dark souls,

Such a threat to their malevolent agendas.

Oh woe to the demons of the dark

Who yearn to snuff out

The Light of the Guardians

As if that Light was naught but a flame on a candle.

For, you see, darkness, no matter the form it takes,

Cannot exist in the presence of Light.

And well does the darkness itself know this.

Beware those of you who cavort and play with

The shadow-demons of the dark.

If you think this is a game,

'Tis a dangerous game you play,

For the rule of the darkness

Has come to an end.

Be careful you do not fall into the abyss with your masters,

For 'tis a long and arduous way out.

You should know,

They walk among us, the Guardians, even now.

They always have,

And they always will.

Only this time, the change they bring . . . .

Well, beware, be warned.

 Perhaps you should even brace yourselves,

For not all of you

Will like what is to come.

The time of the Guardians is at hand.

Soon, they will come together.

Soon, together will they be,

Their Truth revealed for all to see.

Oh what Light will then explode

Through the darkness that rules this world,

Tearing the fabric of it to shreds,

Obliterating it.

Oh, what Light will then define the human experience.

What Light . . . . !  




© Jennifer Wherrett 2014 All rights reserved.


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