The Girl in the Mirror



I have trouble reconciling

The girl I see in the mirror –

The girl I’ve seen all my life -

With the glimpse I’ve seen

Of a different, powerful inner me.

That inner me is beyond extraordinary,

While the girl in the mirror is so ordinary.

That other me has lived countless lives,

And She has learned things unimaginable.

She has knowledge,

Possesses wisdom,

Sees truths

Beyond anything or anyone else I have encountered.

She has guided my steps

With a firm hand.

Certain things are forbidden,

And though I have known this,

I have not understood why.

But I do now.

I know why She is,

And why She does as She does.

Until now I have deferred to Her

With an almost blind trust.

But I no longer require faith or belief or trust,

For I have begun to see Her.

And so I have only one heart-felt prayer left now,

Just one.

I want to know more about Her;

I want to know more about Her journey,

Her path,

Her training,

Her experiences.

I want to become Her.



© Jennifer Wherrett 2010 All rights reserved.


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