Tales of Transformation/Transcendence



      These two stories - Return of the Guardians and The Silver Wolf - are tales of transformation and transcendence.  This is the journey we undertake to transform the shadows within us into Light, especially those shadows that cause us to hold misguided perspectives of ourselves. And, then, with transformed perspective, particularly self-perspective, the journey takes us beyond the physicality of our egoic identities and into our metaphysical Truth.

      The journey itself can be likened to moving beyond an existence in the shell of an egg or the skin of an onion, whichever analogy you prefer, through the white or the layers of the psyche, and into the yolk or the heart of the metaphysical Self - the higher-dimensional Self.

      The fact that these two stories are metaphors for this journey is the reason the language of symbolism in both stories is the same: wolves that symbolise the Transcendent Process itself - the archetypal Lover; forests that symbolise the potency and power of our core spirituality; sore feet that symbolise the pain experienced and the difficulties faced in the journey; new clothes that symbolise the new 'image' we become to ourselves and, therefore, present to the world; changes of abode that symbolise the new archetypal territory we move from and to within . . . just to touch on some of the symbolism in the stories.


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A Fairy Tale: Return of the Guardians


      In addition to the transformational/transcendent metaphor weaved through this story, Return of the Guardians is also a metaphor for human existence past, present and future.





A Fantasy: The Silver Wolf


      The predominant focus of The Silver Wolf is the aspect of the transformational/transcendent journey that is self experience, or the direct experience of the Self that so thoroughly facilitates self knowledge. 







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