Perception of Illusion



"Your reality is an illusion."

This has become one of the pillars

Upon which rests

The new paradigm of human thought

That you call New Age Spirituality.

Do you understand it?

For if you do not, it is naught but a trite cliché

That you quote and repeat verbatim

Without the penetration of truth.

‘Tis the true nature of a cliché

That it keeps you from truth rather than leading you to truth.

Your reality seems real, does it not?

The people you interact with,

The ground you walk on,

And the chair that holds you when you sit upon it

Seem real do they not?

So what, then, is truly meant by this pillar,

This axiom of New Age Spirituality?

What is real?

And what is illusion?

Well, in truth, ‘tis really quite simple.

Anything that is perceived

In perfect alignment

With one’s Higher Consciousness

Is real.

Anything that is perceived

In perfect symmetry,

In perfect harmony,

In perfect resonance

With one’s Higher Consciousness

Is real.

Everything else is illusion.



© Jennifer Wherrett 2011 All rights reserved.


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