Lady of the Lake 



The story . . .


      The once mighty Roman Empire is crumbling.  Rome itself has become vulnerable to invaders, and so the Empire has been pulling its legions from the farthest outposts of its vast territories. The withdrawal of Rome's legions has left the island outpost of the Britons in a state of instability and uncertainty, vulnerable to attack and invasion from all sides.  Niniane, a novice priestess, is largely unaware of and unaffected by the events troubling her land. But she confronts troubles of her own as facets of her emerging character bring her into conflict with the rules governing temple existence.

      Recognising Niniane's need to explore life beyond temple boundaries, the High Priestess, Vivienne, sends her north to take charge of the smaller temple up there.  And it is in the north that Niniane comes face to face with her destiny - a destiny entwined with that of a Roman commander and his men, the Britons' hope for a united future and the one referred to in Merlin's prophecies.

      Though her true identity was lost, long ago, in the mists of time and history, an echo of her story, and her influence, remains in the mystical legends of the Lady of the Lake who appears, like a wraith, often unexpectedly and always indefineably, in the stories that comprise the Arthurian legends.  Niniane's real story, though, is a journey of self-realisation, and of the fulfilment of her own destiny.  As her story unfolds, and she rediscovers the truth of who she really is, she becomes a message and an example, the potential of which has the power to transform all of humanity.


"'Tis never a good thing to become caught up in other people's rules, because the rules of others succeed only in keeping you from yourself. What happens when the urgings of your heart cause you to run into conflict with those rules? If you fail to heed the beating of your own heart, its song will become as if silent, as if dead."

Niniane (Chapter 4: Confrontation)


"You see destiny as a place of arrival. But you are forgetting that destiny is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Without the journey there is, in fact, no destination. So stop seeing destiny as something up ahead. See it, instead, as something you are living right now. Do not be impatient to arrive. Instead, realise you are exactly where you are meant to be."

Merlin (Chapter 6: The King's Daughter)


A word of warning: Lady of the Lake is not a novel in the traditional sense.  Like the sugar coating on a pill, Niniane's story is wrapped around an ancient Wisdom and is, therefore, the means by which that Wisdom is absorbed and assimilated.



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