Thoth-Hermes is not the instigator

Nor the father of Hermeticism,

For Hermeticism has always been,

Though it has, of course, had many different names.

Thoth-Hermes is the Voice of Hermeticism.

His is the Voice of pure Wisdom,

And the Wisdom of pure experience.

His is the Voice of Truth and Knowledge -

The Voice of pure connection.

Thus does every Hermeticist

Speak with His Voice.

Thoth-Hermes does not preach to you

From the mists of antiquity.

No, He is a beacon – a guiding Light,

For He is that which you would become.

It is with His Voice that you will articulate,

And it is with His Mind that you will contemplate.

It is from His perspective that you will see,

And it is through His knowledge that you will know.

He is not the source;

He is the expression,

And, therefore, the reflection

Of what you are.

And ‘tis not just His words that are your words,

‘Tis also the rhythm and the tone –

The manner in which those words are spoken.

The Wisdom of Thoth-Hermes forms the fabric

Of who you are,

And who you are forms the fabric of that Wisdom

As it has been weaved

Over the aeons of human existence.




© Jennifer Wherrett 2011 All rights reserved.


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