Gawain and Niniane


Most authors will tell you, if asked, that works of fiction write themselves.  In that sense, the writer acts as a conduit through whom the story flows.  The writer, then, often finds he or she has a choice: either step back, get out of the way, accept the flow of the story and allow it to be what it wants to be, or step in, interfere, take control and try to direct it.


When I began to write Lady of the Lake (The Lady), I laboured under many misguided mindsets.  I failed, utterly, in those early stages of writing it to grasp its true nature.  And so, I mistakenly believed, and wanted, the romance between Gawain and Niniane to be an important aspect and to take up a significant portion of the story.  But it was not to be.  The Lady had other ideas, for She knew what She was, and so She knew what She was to be.  And She is, of course, Niniane's story (and Niniane's message), not Gawain and Niniane's.


Although I accepted that The Lady was anything but a novel in the traditional sense, and, eventually, stopped resisting the flow of what She wanted to be, I was still conscious that a very large chunk of Gawain and Niniane's story was missing.  The time between Merlin and Arthur leaving for their tour of the land and Merlin returning was a long period of time - approximately eighteen months or more.  This is not clear in the main story.  So, I wanted to know more about what happens to Gawain and Niniane during this time. And the only way I would ever know, of course, was to write about it.


In writing more of their story, I have come to know Gawain more intimately, and in knowing him, I can see how and why he is such a beautiful reflection of Niniane's Light.  Is there, I wonder, a more beautiful and wondrous way to confront the purity of your own Truth than to see it reflected in the eyes of a lover - the true lover, that is, one who is a reflection of Love not fear?  I think not.


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