Free Will



Free Will is a misnomer -

Naught but a much-desired illusion.

Free Will gives us the ability

To break from our own souls,

And this, they have used against us.

You see, Free Will merely provided the means by which

An unimaginable darkness got a foothold

On the human reality

Such that the darkness is, now,

Completely in control of this reality . . .

Of us.

Free Will is the mechanism

That brought about humanity's descent into the abyss.

We are who they want us to be,

And we are what they want us to be.

We see only what they want us to see,

We believe only what they want us to believe,

We think about,

And focus on only what they tell us to.

We live the way they want us to live,

And we create what they want us to create. 

Is this really Free Will?

Is this us really exercising our Free Will?

We think we make our own choices,

But we are clones and we live clone-like existences.

Where is the choice in that?

Free Will merely allowed humans to become their slaves - 

Their zombie slaves.

But you should know.

Free Will, the premise upon which has been based the human experience

Has been removed.

We may no longer have Free Will,

But we now have the opportunity to step into true freedom.

Is that not worth surrendering Free Will?

Well, either way, you have no choice.




© Jennifer Wherrett 2017 All rights reserved.


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