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      These books were born directly out of my own transformational / transcendent Process, but I didn't start writing them until I was more in the transcendent rather than the transformational stage of my own Metaphysical Transition (see The Metaphysical Transition below).  Often, I wrote about concepts and principles of transcendence before I had walked into the understanding of them, and, equally as often, in writing about them, particularly in writing the dialogues, understanding came and crystallised.

      I Work with, and commune with, higher-dimensional beings of Light, without whom none of these books would exist. As such, these books are as much theirs as they are mine, and I consider the books to be a fully collaborative effort. Together, we create settings and contexts that they are able to appear in, forming characters we can all Work with. And then we talk. The Process is very much like incarnation itself, which makes sense since what is in the imagination is a powerful reality.  But oh how I love to talk with them in these settings.

      Each of the books, four of them, are explained, and accessible, below. Although each book can be read on its own, they are a set, and they do form a chronology, the order of which is also presented below.


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Pieces of me


      Pieces of Me comprises stories, my father's poetry, and my verses presented under eight themes, like stepping stones from lower-dimensional physicality into higher dimensionality.  It also comprises two halves, each of which deals with the physical and the metaphysical respectively.

      The first four stories are a combination of my own experiences and my observations of people's lives, society in general. The fifth and sixth stories are my own memories of lives I've lived in other times and places.  The seventh and eigth stories are visions, which, as I've said about my visions, make them no less real.

      This book is a precursor, an introduction, to my Work and my writing.




Lady of the Lake


      Lady of the Lake is the first book I wrote, so the transcendent nature of my writing developed with this book, and, at the same time, this book facilitated my own understanding of and connection with the true nature of my writing.  I like to say Lady of the Lake is a metaphorical autobiography, and so it is, in so many different ways.

      This is the first time my own higher-dimensional Voice started speaking through me in the italicised verses that precede each section and each chapter.  It continues to amaze me that so many people read this book and fail, utterly, to recognise the higher-dimensional meaning and message of it, and the warning . . . such is the shallow nature of human existence now.

      This book took me beyond my limited physical mindsets, and it set the tone, or laid the foundation, of my writing and, ultimately, of my own Transitional Process.  At the same, though, it allowed me to spend many years working with one of my great passions - the Arthurian Legends.





The Messiah Perspective


      The Messiah Perspective is a direct follow on from Lady of the Lake because it expands on the transcendent concepts and principles introduced in Lady of the Lake.  If I could choose one word to describe each of my books, the word I would choose for The Messiah Perspective is 'power'.  This book is powerful in its ability to alter and affect consciousness - the only power that truly matters and that truly is.

      It is impossible to create a road map or a recipe for true, deep transformational / transcendent change because every psyche is different and every Process is unique.  But The Messiah Perspective comes pretty damn close.





Avalon Calling


      The story for Avalon Calling came to me in visions, as all my stories do, but I wrote it having no idea where it would go and how it would end up.  And then, when I knew where it was going, I resisted it.  I confess it had to fight me to be written and then published.  And, I have to say, I'm glad it won . . . I'm glad it succeeded.  I'm glad it is as it is.

       I think of it as the full stop at the end of the transcendent sentence formed by each one of these books.

      And, yes, Caitlin is me and I am Caitlin, the central character in the story.




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