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      In undertaking the Metaphyisical Transition, there are three primary stages: Transformation, Transcendence and Ascendance. The difference between the stages of Transcendence and Ascendance are subtle and can be difficult to tease apart. But they can be summarised a lot more easily. Transcendance is a stepping beyond, especially stepping beyond mindsets of physicality. Ascendance is a stepping into.  Stepping into what, though?

      These books encapsulate my own Ascendant Process, and they are the Work I have done within to ascend. That is, more so than ever with these books, they are not just an expression of what I have experienced, they are the tools I used to actually undertake the Work.





      Transcendence is so personal I'm not publishing it other than to put it in PDF format here on my website.  It comprises five stories, only one of which is based on lives I lived in another time and place, a combination of two lives I lived in Ancient Egypt.  The other four are visions, pure and simple, and they are direct communications between my higher companions and me.  As such, they probably won't mean a whole lot to other people hence my decision not to publish it fully.  But, you never know, some of it just might mean something to one or a couple of other people so I cannot withhold it.




The Fallen


      The Fallen is the Work I did on a very specific fear dynamic within me, allowing me to understand its nature, its consequences, its inception or source, its effects and influences in shaping many of the lives I've lived.  As such, The Fallen is deeply personal in a way that is unique to my books, but I published it (in printed version only, not ebook) because of its importance to humanity as a whole.

      This is not just my story (or stories).  This is the story of the fall of humans themselves . . . and humans need to know about it.







       Altira challenges the orthodox view of human history.  And rightly so because the orthodox view of human history is built on lies, deceit, manipulation.  As humans, our history is as much a part of us as is our personality or our beliefs, and, in fact, is essential for us to know who we really are.  Thus does our belief in the deceitful orthodox view of our history perpetuate the chronic ignorance that underpins the human experience now.

      How can we know who we are if we have no knowledge of where we've come from and of what we've experienced to get here?  We cannot, and so we do not know who we are nor do we know what we've truly capable of.




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