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      In accessing and connecting with memories of lives I've lived in other times and places, I have used the memories to Work with the dynamics of my own psyche, understanding at an incredible depth why I have been the way I am.  More importantly, though, these memories challenge the orthodox views humans hold of our own history. So locked in paradigms of thought are we, we don't question, we just take them completely for granted. But those orthodox views of our history, and of other things, like time, reality and consciousness, are wrong. Locked-in paradigms of thought do nothing but contribute to our abject and chronic ignorance. It is my hope that in sharing my own memories, I can challenge the paradigms of thought we hold, open up our knowledge and our beliefs, or at least get us questioning and debating and discussing . . . get human thought moving again, as it should, because human thought is a powerful thing when it's moving, flowing, like a current of water.  Just like a current of water it has the power to shape the landscape of human reality anew.


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The Fallen


      The Fallen is the Work I did on a very specific fear dynamic within me, allowing me to understand its nature, its consequences, its inception or source, its effects and influences in shaping many of the lives I've lived.  As such, The Fallen is deeply personal in a way that is unique to my books, but I published it (in printed version only, not ebook) because of its importance to humanity as a whole.  This is the story, or the truth, not just of the way I have fallen, but of the way humanity as a collective fell from the higher dimensions into Separated third dimensionality.

      This is not just my story (or stories).  This is the story of the fall of humans themselves . . . and humans need to know about it.








       Altira challenges the orthodox view of human history.  And rightly so because the orthodox view of human history is built on lies, deceit, manipulation.  As humans, our history is as much a part of us as is our personality or our beliefs, and, in fact, is essential for us to know who we really are.  Thus does our belief in the deceitful orthodox view of our history perpetuate the chronic ignorance that underpins the human experience now.

      How can we know who we are if we have no knowledge of where we've come from and of what we've experienced to get here?  We cannot, and so we do not know who we are nor do we know what we're truly capable of.





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