Beyond Tyranny



The tyranny that binds us as humans

Is not and cannot be seen.

It hides in the shadows,

It flies under the radar,

Evading and avoiding detection.

It controls our monetary system;

It controls our governments;

It controls our media;

It controls and manipulates our way of life

By controlling our thoughts, beliefs, opinions,

And, most important of all,

Our focus.

Do you not see?

We are angry at, and set against,

Whoever they want us to be set against,

So easily are we manipulated

By what we watch on tv.

This tyranny that binds us as humans

Has turned humans into slaves -

Slaves who perpetuate the rule of darkness - 

Slaves who unwittingly ensure continued Perpetual Separation

So all that is good and great

And spectacularly beautiful in humans

Is stifled, distorted, constrained and repressed.

It is time to go beyond your religions now,

For these bind you,

And divide you,

Restrict your way of thinking about yourselves,

Set you one against another.

I'm not asking you to give up your religions.

I'm simply asking you to see the truth,

That we are all human,

And we are all victims of this tyranny.

The tyranny that binds us as humans

Has many, many faces.

Turn yourselves into Light

And you will begin to recognise the faces of this tyranny,

For you will no longer be yoked to the rule of darkness,

And your eyes will be opened.

Become Light,

And you will no longer be darkness.

Reclaim your heritage,

Your legacy.

Together, let us reclaim this creation for the Light.

Together, let us put this tyranny in its place.

Together, let us hold up our hands, collectively,

To those who contol us

And say, "No more.

We will be your slaves no longer."




© Jennifer Wherrett 2016 All rights reserved.


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