Avalon Calling



“Your myths and legends tell you Avalon is no longer in your world, hidden from you as it is, by a veil of mist. And so it is. But the veil of mist is within you. Remove the mist, you can. Remove the mist, you must. For you see, Avalon is your birth right – your rightful heritage. So come, come home. Avalon is calling to you. Come home.”


Caitlin Alexander makes an instantaneous decision to leave the fast, frenetic pace of life in London for the peace and quiet of a small English village in the hope of immersing herself in the writing of her fifth book. But her fifth book resists all her attempts to even write its opening pages. And then she stumbles across a story of the mysterious disappearances of twelve people from the village nearly two decades ago, and her fifth book is all but forgotten. Like a bloodhound on a scent, she pursues the story of the disappearances obsessively, relentlessly. And the more she uncovers and discovers, the more she feels herself being pulled into their story by forces beyond her control, like a novice swimmer caught in a rip. As she unravels the mystery of what happened to the twelve people who went missing from the village, she finds herself not just pursuing their story, but becoming a part of it . . . .



Please note:  While Avalon Calling can be read in isolation and on its own, it does connect to my other books, namely The Messiah Perspective and Lady of the Lake.  In fact, my books do have a specific chronology, beginning with Pieces of Me and then followed by Lady of the Lake andThe Messiah Perspective.  Avalon Calling naturally follows these three.   In truth, my books document my own inner journey, so Avalon Calling is, for me, both an ending and a culmination . . .  or should that be a climax?


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(Note: An excerpt of AvalonCalling (Prologue and First Chapter) is published in PDF below so you will need Adobe® Reader to read it. Click on cover image to open.)




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