A Wall of Water



Like a wall of water will I come

To wash away the stain of darkness

And the sting of chaos

From this world.

Like a wall of water will I be,

Torrential, powerful,

Such that none can stand in my way,

Nor silence me,

Nor stop me.

Like an unleashed torrent will my wisdom be

Poured out over you all

Until you feel as if you are drowning.

Soaked and saturated will you become

So that you will absorb me

Whether you want to or not.

Resist me or fight me and you will drown.

Surrender to my Will

And you shall live as you've never lived before.

For I am not here to harm you.

On the contrary,

I am here to set you free.



© Jennifer Wherrett 2011 All rights reserved.


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