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About Me

People have asked me if I’ve studied the concepts and themes I write about. No, I haven’t. I have studied, but I’ve studied biostatistics, epidemiology and small business management, way back in the days when I thought I would be living a different life to the one I’ve actually lived – back in the days when I didn’t know who I was.

I have written about what happened to change my mindset and, with it, my focus and perspective (in the introduction to The Messiah Perspective and throughout The Monograph Series) so I won’t repeat it here. What I write is remembered, unearthed, rediscovered, not learned or studied.

People have asked me if I am Buddhist. No, I am not. If you want to put a label on what I am then I am a Hermeticist. If you don’t know what this is, think about institutionalised religion, with its rules, dogma and hierarchical authority, and then try and conceptualise its exact opposite – its antithesis – in every way. That’s what I am, and that’s what a Hermeticist is. I am also a Philosopher, although I think these two are variant forms of each other. It was the combination of these two that dragged Europe out of the Dark Ages, into a new enlightenment, or Renaissance, many centuries ago, such is the power of them.

Many different religious philosophies, like early Gnosticism, Buddhism, Manichaeism and Philosophy, have a common source, which is why they seem similar. They are similar. They were all sourced by a beautiful Ancient Wisdom – an Ancient Wisdom that is an inherent part of the fabric of my soul. So, really, as any Hermeticist would tell you, I am what I am, and in being so, I am beyond labels.

For over two decades, I have been transforming my own consciousness and writing about it. So everything I write is born of my own experiences and observations, with a little . . . actually, a lot of help from higher dimensions.

Writing connects me with my Self in a way that makes it as vital as breath to me. If I’m not writing, I don’t feel fully alive. But in writing and sharing myself so intimately, it is also my intention (and hope) to arouse others, to bring them out of the very great apathetic slumber that so characterises human existence. And, to inspire others to walk the path of inner transformation. I can promise you two things about walking such a path. First, it will be painful, and, second, it will be rewarding in ways you can’t possibly imagine until and unless you actually do it.