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What is Within

Everything in this third-dimensional reality

Is designed now to keep us on the surface of ourselves.

‘Tis a trick, a lure, a distraction

To keep us from going within.

And we do so need to be stimulated and entertained,

Do we not?

For we do so need to escape ourselves,

Do we not?

So, like the skin of an onion

That protects its inner layers

Does humanity now exist,

And has humanity now become.

Yes, the surface-dwellers are we called

By those of the higher dimensions.

And if we were to be cracked open,

We would be forced to look and see and experience

The pungent inner layers of ourselves.

But journey inward we must,

For that which we truly long for

Can only be found within.

But, like the knights of Arthur’s table

Who, in seeking the Holy Grail of their own divinity,

Battled the demons and monsters

That lurked in the pungent inner layers of themselves –

Demons of their own woundedness and shadow.

So, too, must we journey

To find that which lies at the heart of us –

The brilliant spark of our own Divine Nature.