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This Reality

This reality binds you

As if you have been wrapped in chains,

Locked in place,

Unable to move,

And you are bowing under their weight.

This reality anchors you

Like ships designed to sail across the vast oceans of this world

But unable to go anywhere

For the chain that holds you in place.

This reality dictates your beliefs

Such that you remain small and limited,

And hidden from yourselves.

This reality teaches you

Things that make no sense,

No sense at all

When seen in the light of Truth.

Like a puppet master pulling the strings of a puppet

Does this reality cause you to skip and step

Across the stages of your lives.

Caught in the constructs of this reality are you,

Such that you remain turned

In the wrong direction.

And yet, to take the first step to set yourself free,

All you have to do is dream . . . and dream big.

Devote time to your dreams.

Become lost in them just a little.

‘Tis a risk you take in doing so,

For you might be in danger of living in a state of perpetual disillusionment.

But then again,

You just might find that one day in the future

You recognise the territory you find yourself in,

For you have seen it in your dreams . . .

Do you possess the courage to take the risk?