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The Time of Consequence

There are consequences to living thousands of years

Of Perpetual Separation –

Separation from Divine Will –

Separation from all that is good within us –

Separation from our source,

Our soul,

Our essence.

There must be,

And can only be,

Consequences that come with

Thousands upon thousands of years

Of choices made in Separation –

Wound on top of wound on top of wound,

Wayward choices compounding wound after wound after wound,

Both individually and collectively.

And the consequences are always dire indeed.

Live the consequences, you must,


And those consequences must be seen for what they are.

Know their source.

Acknowledge their source and their nature,

And an opportunity for healing will come.

Ignore the true nature of the consequences that you find upon you now

And all that awaits you is death.

This is the time of consequence –

Chaos, disorder, disharmony,

Violence, death, hurt, trauma, tragedy,

Depression, despair, despondency, desolation.

Yes, these are the consequence of living a separated existence.

You must live this time of consequence.

That is consequence in and of itself,

And, anyway, you have chosen to do so,

For you are here, are you not?

There will be no rescue,

And there will be no saviour.

There will be no intervention.

But there will be a way through.

Many of you have come here to be a particular consequence,

Or to be a part of one.

This you are seeing in your reality now,

Those innocent souls who know nothing

Of the true nature of their Purpose for being here.

For if they did know,

They would struggle to put one foot in front of another,

And to keep walking through the landscape of their lives.

Shall I name them, those incidents of consequence

You have begun to experience?

Maybe you should try to name them for yourselves.

This is the time of consequence.

Walk through it, humanity must,

For, you see, what awaits you on the other side

Is a new Earth, a new Heaven.