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The Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine

Is beginning to stir.

The Sacred Feminine

Is beginning to reassert itself

After millennia of suppression and control.

The Sacred Feminine

Is beginning to throw off the shackles

That have bound and contained it, kept it small,

And it is making men and women

Very insecure

Because the status quo is changing.

Men who only want to live on the surface of themselves

Have been in charge.

They have masterminded your religions

And seized control of human consciousness.

And through those very religions

They have reviled women,

Taught women to believe they are deceitful, wily temptresses.

‘Twas not God accused them of such things,

‘Twas men.

And women mistakenly believe now

They need men to be validated,

To be led, to be tamed, to be controlled,

Even to be complete and worthy.

But do you not know?

The Sacred Feminine

Needs no man,

For its strength is unrivalled;

Its wisdom unparalleled;

Its nurture, care and compassion oh-so needed.

So do not be afraid

If the old roles of wife and mother

No longer satisfy or fulfil you,

For you are here for so much more.

Don’t you want to know

What you are truly capable of?