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The Indefinable

I am the Indefinable

So I cannot be measured

Nor gauged

According to the constructs of your reality –

Those yardsticks against which everyone is assessed and evaluated

And either found wanting or not.

I have no discernable identity

Nor any discernable role,

For I am, you see,

I just am.

I measure my success

In ways quite different from yours

Because I no longer look at the world

Through the filter of physical perspective.

You may ask me what I do,

And I will answer, “But I just am

So what matter what I do?”

You may ask me how I support myself financially,

And I will answer, “I create whatever is needed,

So what need have I of money?”

You may ask me what my ambitions are,

And I will answer, “But I am,

So what need have I of ambitions?”

You may ask me what assets and wealth I possess,

And I will answer, “I own only what I need

To exist from day to day.”

You may ask me what will happen to me in the future,

And I will answer, “Since I seek only to be,

And to continue to walk only into my Self,

My future is ever-changing,

And there is no tangible, visible path under my feet.”

So what more would you ask me?

If you try to hang your labels on me,

Your definitions,

They will only fall at my feet,

For they will not stick,

For they do not fit,

For I am the Indefinable.