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The Game Changers

I am a game changer,

As is the One who came before me.

And though two thousand years exist

Between his coming and mine,

The game is still the same,

As is the plan to change it –

The same very great plan.

Did you really think he was the only One?

And did you really think his life was a singular event,

Lived in isolation,

So long ago,

So that he simply came and went?

We do not Work that way.

You should know that.

And did you really believe that in twisting and distorting his image,

They thwarted that same very great plan?

Do you not realise

That in making him the foundation stone of modern religion

They played right into our hands?

We are game changers, he and I.

You did not really think we would just walk away from this creation

And let it be what it has become –

This game of darkness, death and entrapment

They have caused to be?

They have trapped you in a game

That seeks only to exist outside of itself.

And they are using you to keep the game going,

To perpetuate it.

They need you to perpetuate it,

Such is their powerlessness.

The human experience will not end.

Only their part in it will end.

They are not in control,

And they never have been.

We will change this game . . . soon, very soon,

And then they will see,

There is no longer a place for them here.

Their time is done,

Unless they, too, are willing to transform the darkness within them

Into Light.