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The Ancient Wisdom

I recognise those others,

Those other souls in humanity’s history

That shine so brightly,

Even to this day

They stand out as beacons of Wisdom and Truth.

I see my Self in them.

I certainly see my Wisdom in them,

And theirs in me.

But I see, too, that my Purpose differs from theirs.

I am not here to start yet another religion as once I thought –

One that, with time, would become twisted and distorted

And horribly lost like all those others –

One that would become, like all those others,

Just another lure and trap,

Just another trick and illusion,

Just another form of attack . . . .

Or should that be defence?

No, the Wisdom will no longer form the basis

Of yet another religion,

But will, now, become a gateway

To a higher dimensional existence,

No more,

And certainly no less.

The Wisdom will be a gateway many will journey to and through,

But from which many more will turn away.

And, as with the story of Noah and his ark,

Those who turn away will surely die.

We are leaving this Separated physical existence behind,

And the Wisdom is the means by which we do so.

In the past, those sacred souls,

Those souls who shone so brightly,

Gifted the Wisdom to you,

So that you were given the means for healing and changing yourselves,

For reaching a greater and higher potential.

But look at what you have done with it.

So, this time, the Wisdom is not gifted to you.

And you will not control it.

It is.

It simply is.

And it will be.

Take it or leave it as you will.