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The human soul is stirring,

Coming to life,

Throwing off the chains that bind it,

No longer willing or able

To remain enslaved.

The Martyr,

That incarnation of sacrificial Love,

Becomes the spark

That sets the whole alight;

And the stench of corruption,

The shackles of dictatorship –

Those bastions of abuse and exploitation –

Are going up in flames.

Whoa to those who try to contain the firestorm,

For they are trying to control the uncontrollable.

Knowing humanity’s propensity for self-destruction,

The Great Mother has told you no,

You may not use nuclear power as an energy source,

For She likes not the very great threat

Of iniquitous priority

And poisonous waste.

The human soul is awakening from its slumber,

Causing a shift in global consciousness as it begins to stir.

So the plight of the child slave;

The man forced from the land of his birth for speaking his mind;

The woman caught between the two opposing sides of someone else’s war;

The ruthless cruelty of animal slaughter;

And those whose homes, livelihoods, family and friends

Have been swept away

By torrential water,

Cracking earth,

Raging fire,

And turbulent wind

Are no longer other people’s concern.

And all of this, just the beginning . . .

For once begun, the Process cannot be stopped.

Thus you have no choice

But to allow it to unfold.