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The physical facilitates the spiritual . . .

Not the other way around.

This is the secret of truly profound spirituality.

That is,

Whatever is in the landscape of our lives

At any given moment in time –

Whether that be an emotion,

A relationship,

A thought,

A belief,

An event or incident,

A circumstance,

A dream, a hope or a disappointment,

A lack or a gain –

Is there to facilitate the soul’s Work –

Our reason and purpose for being.

And what’s more,

We create it to be so,

Not consciously, of course,

But from that place where we are

The power of creation itself,

And where we know

The power of creation itself.

So would it not make sense, then,

To know what it is our soul is Working on?

Then we would know why everything is,

In our reality at any given moment in time.