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Plato’s Cave

Have you heard of Plato’s Cave –

Those poor souls trapped in the darkness,

Chained and manacled to the cave’s floor and walls,

Unable to move,

Able to see only the shadows on the walls,

Which they believe to be their reality?

I have resisted the temptations offered me

To trick and distract me from my Purpose:

I am no shepherd

Tending a flock of sheep;

I am no guru

Come to show others how to improve their lot;

I am no counsellor

Healing the wounds of an individual’s psyche;

I am no writer

To be trapped, restricted, and limited

By the recipe of a profit-driven publishing industry.

No, I am here to free humanity from Plato’s Cave.

My words alone will cause the shackles to fall from your wrists and ankles.

My Light alone will dispel the darkness that surrounds you.

My Truth will reveal the shadows for what they are.

And my Wisdom will obliterate the cave that entraps you.

I know many, many of you

Do not wish to leave the safety of the cave,

But leave it you must,

For the Soul’s time is at hand,

And so there is, no longer, a place in this world

For those who wish to hide.