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My Prayer to the Lady

I pray you, my Lady,

Nay I beseech you,

Help me to sever the bonds,

And to break the ties,

That bind me to my third-dimensional identity.

Help me to relinquish all that keeps me normal.

Help me to cut loose,

To fly free,

For I am like a giant balloon

That’s been held to the earth

By the thickest of ropes

When its natural inclination is to soar

High above

Where the noise and chaos of human civilisation

Does not penetrate the peace and quiet.

There I long to be,

And there I long to go.

For though my body exists in this reality,

My soul does not belong here.

But I have been bound, contained and restrained

By who I think I am,

By who I’ve been taught to be.

Help me to know myself as You.

Help me to be

As You are.

I cannot crawl in the dust any longer,

For I would fill my lungs with the air of freedom.

Please, Lady, set me free of this place.

Take me home.