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Heaven is a place

Where every moment is enjoyable.

So complete is the enjoyment

That it fills you to overflowing

And is unmarred by any other feeling.

For you see,

When you are in Heaven

You have no wish

Nor any need

Nor any desire

To be anywhere other than in that moment.

You have such misconceptions about Heaven,

For Heaven is not a place

You go to after death.

Nor is Heaven simply the opposite of hell.

Actually, it is the reverse.

Hell is the opposite of Heaven,

For hell is where you are

When you are not in Heaven.

Heaven and hell are within you right now.

Heaven is attainable for you right now.

You need not die to experience it.

You do not know how it feels to be in Heaven

Because there are so many, many things

That pull you from this moment;

That rob this moment of its enjoyment;

That block and hinder and redirect

The current of your energetic flow.

You see, Heaven is the state of being

You experience

When the source of you –

Your own energy –

Flows through you in a state of pure connection.

That is, the essence of you flowing free and unhindered

Such that you become a conduit

For your own higher-dimensional energy.

Consider the fountain.

Does the fountain find joy in itself

If it sits in the courtyard dry and empty and silent?

Or if it struggles and strives and tries to be

That which it is not?

Can the fountain take pride in its existence

If its pipes and channels block the flow of water

That brings with it the fulfilment of the fountain’s true purpose?

And though it be the most elaborately carved piece of sculpture

Is it not the water that makes the fountain beautiful?

Discover what the blockages are –

Those hindrances that clog and choke the pipes and channels

Of your own psyche;

Those impediments that block and hinder

The flow of your own energy.

Clear them away, those blockages.

Let your emotions be your guide,

For your emotions are a gift given

To point you to those blockages

So that you may remove the obstacles

To your existence

In the perpetual state of joy that is Heaven.

Because, you see, Heaven is the state of being

In an eternal moment of joy,

For joy is the consequence of one being

As one truly is.

So when you re-learn to be

That which you are,

You exist in a state of being

That is measured only in terms of joy:

Enjoyment, a gentle intensity;

Joy itself, a higher intensity;

Ecstasy, a more powerful intensity;

And Euphoria, an experience beyond the ability of words to describe it.

Is it any wonder, then,

So many of you take drugs

In an attempt to replicate

The euphoric state of being

That comes from pure connection –

The state of pure flow

That brings with it the eternal moment of joy

That is heaven?