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Fairy Tales & Fantasies

There is a fairy tale

Locked inside every heart,

Waiting to be set free.

But to set free your own fairy tale

You must first unearth and reconnect with it;

And to reconnect with it

You must rediscover that place where the fairy tale resides.

It sounds simple, does it not?

Well if you think so then be warned.

‘Tis a matter of focus,

For, you see,

There is a vast difference

Between wanting from your reality –

Wanting in your reality –

And allowing your fairy tale expression

In the landscape of your life.

Your fairy tale may not be what you want,

For it is your heart’s grandest, greatest desire.

Wants, needs, addictions, obsessions,

And desires of the heart

Are polar opposites

And cannot, therefore, co-exist,

Or should I say

Be co-expressed?

‘Tis one or the other,

And so must you choose.

Should you choose to indulge your egoic wants,

Which can and do only ever have their roots in fear,

Your fairy tale will remain forever locked up

Like Rapunzel in her tower.

For this must you also know.

Your fairy tale is free of fear –

Light-filled and shadow-free.

And what, you may ask,

Of that place where the fairy tale resides?

Well, your fairy tale is a dream of connection,

And a connection to your dreams.

Does that give you a clue?

Do you now see?

You must first re-awaken that place within

To re-awaken your fairy tale.

And do you also see now?

Rather than escaping you,

Your fairy tale will lead you

Right back to you.

Thus will your fairy tale set you free . . . .