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December 2012

There is much fear mongering

Around the Mayan prediction

For December 2012.

‘Tis fear mongering designed for one purpose:

To send humans into a tailspin of panic.

And ‘tis an easy thing to accomplish

Since it is in ignorance that you exist.

But there is a way through your ignorance –

With knowledge, of course.

So allow me to enlighten you.

It was not the end of the world

The Maya predicted.

What happens when a clock strikes midnight?

‘Tis simply the beginning of a new day, is it not?

It was the end of the current paradigm of human existence

And the beginning of the new one

That the Maya predicted.

‘Tis the beginning of the end of the independent, separate ego –

The beginning of a soul-full existence.

Will it be heaven,

Or will it be hell?

That depends on you.

See and conquer the patterns of fear that exist within you

And you will create heaven;

Refuse to see the shadows that lurk in the depths of your subconscious

And ‘tis hell you will create.

Recognise and honour your soul

And you will exist in heaven on earth.

Continue to indulge your ego wants and needs,

Paying no heed to the urgings of your inner guidance

And ‘tis hell you will experience,

For you will remain substance-less.

Thus will you implode – collapse inward.

The choice is yours . . . for now.