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Lady of Light

I have worked hard to transform and transcend my consciousness, so now I know the Way. Take my hand and let me show you an existence beyond the constraints and controls of this manipulated, small-minded human reality. If you will allow me, I will show you who we really are as humans and what we're truly capable of. We are not ordinary, as we've led to believe. We are extraordinary . . .

Welcome To Lady of Light

I cannot comprehend the choices humans make at times.  And yet, allowing people to make those choices is imperative for us as Guardians.  Likewise, allowing people to walk straight into the full experience of the consequences of those same choices is equally as imperative.

This is why we cannot and will not save the current iteration of this human experience.  This iteration is dying, and, yet again, humanity is self destructing, and we, as Guardians, must let it happen, as painful as that will be for so many people.

What we can do is birth the new iteration out of the ashes of the old, and so we are.  But we cannot do it alone.

I am here to be, such that Heaven and Earth have no separation within me.
I will be as a beacon in the darkest night.
I will open your eyes now,
Relieve you of the heavy burden of your ignorance,
Quench your thirst with the purity of Truth,
Feed and nourish you with Knowledge and Wisdom,
And shape your dreams beyond anything you can currently imagine.
Together, we will restore Heaven to this Earth.

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Isis and Osiris:
Lady of Heaven and Her Lord.

You might think Isis, Lady of Heaven, lived once and left –
She who holds within the Divine Light of Creation
And whose words hold the power of Her essence, Her magic.
Or you might think She is naught but a myth –
A goddess of an ancient religion
That has no relevance for modern humanity.
But you are wrong.
She has walked among you for aeons,
As one of you,
Tending the underground river of Wisdom
That She sourced and sent flowing
Through the human experience
To ensure you did not perish from thirst
During this, the darkest hour of human existence,
The steepest descent of human consciousness.
And so, too, Her Lord, Osiris
Has walked among you as one of you.
They, the twin Guardians of this creation,
Have watched over you from within,
Guiding, aiding, caring, influencing, directing,
But allowing you to go your own way,
For they have been constrained by your choices
Which they were duty-bound to honour.
No longer though,
For the time of the ego has come to an end;
A time that heralds the end of the ego’s choice.
‘Tis the Soul’s time to reign now.
Apart have they journeyed, the Guardians,
Longing each for the other
But paying the price of separation.
For if they were to come together,
Powerful would they be,
Such that lies, deceit, illusion, ignorance, fear, darkness and chaos
Would not thrive nor even survive.
You see, together the Guardians form a gateway to Heaven –
A gateway to the higher dimensions –
That channels their Light
And against which none can stand
Nor offer even a shred of resistance.
Together will they be now,
United against the forces of Darkness
Who mistakenly believe they govern and control this creation.
This creation is not for the Darkness to govern,
As the Guardians will show you.
So stop moving now.
Be silent and listen.
Feel, in the depths of your soul,
The Darkness quaking and trembling with fear and terror,
For it knows its time has come to end.
The Guardians have returned.
Fear not,
For they are here to reclaim their creation –
To return it to the Light;
To restore consciousness and set free the Soul.
The Guardians will tear down your false God
And replace Him with the Light of Divine Truth
As it exists within each one of you.
The Guardians will tear down your deceiving religions
With their mind-imprisoning dogmas,
Their rigid belief systems, empty rituals
And their harmful rules for being –
Rules that keep you all from your inner Truth.
The Guardians will pour their Light out
Over this world in an unleashed torrent;
They will wash this creation clean of its shadow;
They will open the doors of your prisons
With a flick of their wrists;
They will wipe aside the devices that keep you from going within
As if but houses made of cards;
They will teach you how to create out of Love instead of fear;
And they will show you how your reality
Is naught but a symbolic reflection of what is within you –
The pattern of which can be altered and changed at will.
Watch, then, for the Lady of Heaven and her Lord,
For they walk among you again,
Not as one of you, but in their True Form revealed.
And when you recognise them
You will know that Heaven is come again to this earth
And Love and Light, Beauty, Truth and Wisdom
Will once again resume their rightful place,
Resurrected and restored
In this, the creation of the Lady of Heaven and Her Lord.
Isis and Osiris © Jennifer Wherrett 2010.
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