Pieces of Me 



Pieces of Me is a collection of short stories, poems and verse presented under eight themes:

Beauty, Eternal Essence, Dreams, Perfection, Destiny, Reflection, Reality, and Higher Dimensionality.


The first four themes relate to our connection with the physical world and, in particular, our relationships within it. The last four themes take us beyond the physical realm by challenging us to consider the relationship we have with our Selves, our own Higher Dimensionality.


"Because, you see, Rachel, love is the key that unlocks us and brings us to our Selves.  I mean real love, not the world's version of it, for real love is a reflection of being, and this world knows only how not to be. . . . To face the truth of our own reflection we must be ready, and to be ready we must know our own worth."

Like the Stopper in the Vial (6th story)


"Active conscious creation . . . when our hearts and minds are aligned, we imagine what we create, and we create what we imagine."

The Traveller and the Book (7th story)



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(Note: An excerpt of Pieces of Me (the first and sixth themes) is provided below in PDF. You will need Adobe® Reader to read it. Click on cover image to open.)




© Jennifer Wherrett 2011 All rights reserved.


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